Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prayer Update

We first want to say that we are humbled, grateful, and encouraged by the response we received from our last blog post. We want to say thank you to so many who prayed for us and encouraged us. Here's our update on the 3 requests we gave:
  1. The virus seems to be dying down but we still are getting new cases. The praise has been that as we asked, our vulnerable children have been protected from this virus. It actually has been amazing! God is so good. Many school children and workers and even our girls have gotten or now have the virus. Thank you for your continued prayers for this.
  2. Yesterday, we had almost a 24 hour stretch with power which was a great refresher for all of us on this no power marathon and a help to the budget in regards to using fuel for the generator! The people at the power company seem to be helpful but it is just a struggle for all of Uganda.
  3. The team is here and has had a wonderful 3 days of clinics. In answer to prayer, they were able to see everyone here who needed to be seen and many others. They are in some of the nearby villages this afternoon seeing some of the grandmas of the kids in the feeding program. Many people have been helped.
Thank you for praying. Your prayers and encouragement is what has sustained us this week. We so appreciate it!


Blues and Greens said...

We love you so much! This is good news, and our prayers continue.

Samantha said...

Thank you for sharing your needs with us. It blesses my family to pray for you in specifics and to rejoice with you in God's provision. May your blessings be abundant today at GSF!

Samantha Fikes

Amy said...

Thank you both for praying and commenting to let us know you are praying! None of the kids were sick this morning when the nurse went to do rounds and our power has been on more often! We praise God and are thankful for you!