Monday, October 25, 2010

Wisdom needed, Wisdom given!

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO HIM.” James 1:5

We were in need of wisdom last night. I called my mom and dad, I texted all our missionary team members and put it on facebook. We asked people to pray for wisdom. And the wisdom came. . . Let me give you the background story and then the wisdom that came from God.

Last Monday morning, one of our best housemoms called me very distraught and told me that her younger sister just died while giving childbirth. Later, she called to tell me that the baby had survived and wondered if we at GSF could take the baby. One of the difficulties with this is that her village is far from GSF so we couldn’t do any investigation of the situation. Also, we are not in the same jurisdiction which means we would have to go through the proper legal channels to make sure this little girl could stay at GSF. The other concern was that we really honestly do not have the space or the manpower to take another newborn at this time. The week continued with encouraging the house mom to go to the probation (the one in charge of placing orphaned children) in her district. We then found out there was an older sibling age 2 who was also in need of a home. She went to a local probation officer who referred her to the district probation officer.

Sunday, we found out that her family clan had had a meeting on Friday and had appointed our house mom as the one responsible for the 2 children. Also, because of the distance she had not been able to go to the district probation officer yet. We were then met with a problem. The house mom was now considered the mom of these two children which could cause problems in the house with the other GSF children. We also again just didn’t have room for these kids but we also did not want to lose such a great house mom. And if she were to lose her job at GSF, how would she be able to find another one with 2 little ones? Wow, I all of a sudden felt this tremendous stress of making a decision that would greatly affect this house mom and the two little ones. I spent a lot of time praying last night and the more I prayed, the more God’s peace came and His gentle voice telling me to rest in Him.

This morning, the social worker, the matron and I all met and prayed about the situation and then began to discuss. God brought the wisdom we needed and gave us a plan. The house mom is in the baby house which has two mothers in it and only one needs to stay at night. We decided that this mom could rent a home ($5) a month and hire someone to care for the kids during the day. She could then continue to work at in the baby house during the day and care for the sweet babies and one special needs kid who are already attached to her. We are hoping to give her some assistance in feeding the children. We look forward to how God will continue to reveal this plan for this sweet lady and the two children now in her care.

When you are not sure how to pray for us, pray for wisdom in the life-changing decisions we must seek God in. Thank you to each of you who prayed for us regarding this situation.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I am afraid. . .

I was curled up in the big chair by the door with my heart racing and quoting “When I am afraid, I will trust in you” over and over again.  Fear is a huge struggle for me and is quite a challenge at an orphanage in a third world country.  It is something I have to constantly give to God. This time it was 4:30 in the morning and I had just gotten a  phone call that 9-year-old Chloe was having a severe asthma attack. Usually, when there is a medical issue in  the houses in the night, Mark goes to check on the situation and to help.  I stay home and pray.  Tonight was no different so I sat there to pray— but I couldn’t pray—the fear was overwhelming.  I was reminded that it had been exactly 2 weeks since we got another early morning phone call telling us that Norah was in distress and within an hour we knew she had died.  The hurt was still so fresh it caused fear to come rushing in. 

So I sat crying out “When I am afraid, I will trust in you”  and as I continued my focus changed from my fear to the God of the universe who hears and answers.  More than that, He loves me and Chloe and everyone else at GSF.   He knew what He was doing when He called our family here even as inadequate as I feel to be here but I asked God to work through me, a weak vessel.  He allowed Chloe to have asthma but He also placed her at GSF where she can get the medical care and the love she needs.   I prayed for God to protect her and also for her to grow in Christ and His word. I knew He was guiding Mark’s hands and mind and the others helping Chloe.  I was able to begin praying for wisdom and peace in that place.  The more I focused on my Lord and His plans, the more I was able to cry out to Him.  Mark returned and said Chloe would be okay but he needed run to the clinic to get some medicine; I was able to tell him that God and I were having a good talk. 

Chloe had to eventually be taken to the hospital to receive steroid treatments.  She is staying there through the weekend.  I praise God for her, for His protection and even the opportunity to spend time talking to Him and hearing Him answer.  Later that day, I told Mark that I had been so afraid that I couldn’t pray in the night and all I could do was quote “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”  He said, “Amy, that was praying!”