Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Value of 10%

Someone recently gave us a 10% discount card for Circuit City thinking we could save a few dollars on some supplies for Uganda. Here’s what happened Friday evening...

We went to Circuit City to look for another laptop for school/home use. We had the funds to go on and get it and we found a Toshiba laptop almost identical to the one we bought in December. It has a larger hard drive and a camera card reader – everything else is identical. The one we got Friday was $140 less than the one we got 4 months ago! We got a good deal on the last one, so we’re excited about this one too.

Now about that discount card… It wasn’t valid on computers. So we gave the card to some friends we saw when we first went in the store tonight. Their old TV died so they were looking for a new one. They also made some other purchases, so I thought it would save them a lot. After making their purchase, they found us by the computers and handed us a gift card for $140, which is the amount they saved with the discount card! Ha, ha, ha – if I had used the card myself on another piece of equipment we bought, we would have saved about $12. By giving it to someone else, the Lord multiplied it 12 times! I did not “sell” it to them, I just gave them the card and they surprised us by handing the savings right back to us.

Ahhh, God’s Spirit moves people so that even a little discount card ends up in the right hands at the right time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Amy's thoughts!

Be Anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
I have heard and said this verse many times but never have I had to apply it like I am right now. There are so many parts to focus on in this verse but I am learning more about the words EVERYTHING and NOTHING. When you look at the word everything, it is an all-the-time focus. These days, I catch myself throughout the day taking a very deep breath and the words "be anxious for nothing" come racing to my mind! God gently says "Amy, there is NOTHING to be anxious for. You and everything in your world is in my hands. I love you." So I stop take a deep breath, and tell God thank you! I then gratefully make my requests known to Him who already knows them but wants to hear me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ugandan Haircuts

The kids each got a short haircut for our move to Uganda. They each love their new "do "and I love how easy each of the cuts are. You can tell their daddy likes their "dos" too!

Garage sale--a success!

Although it was pretty cool and the sun kept going behind the clouds, we had a good turn out at our garage sale. We even added a few people to our mailing list! The body of Christ is incredible. You may meet at a garage sale but when you have the bond of Christ, it is as if you have been friends for a long time.
We sold many things and then sent everything else to Goodwill. A special thanks to some friends who came and helped box up, load up and take away everything. It was especially appreciated since I was not able help out. Titus got sick close to the end of the garage sale and I ended up having to take him home. God knew we were going to need the extra help!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Garage sale tomorrow

We are having our last garage sale tomorrow. This will be our fifth and last since we decided we were moving overseas. We have decided that we have had enough garage sales and it is time to give every thing else away. So here again is another reminder that the time before we leave is getting short.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My life in 25 trunks

We are going through all of our things and getting rid of so much stuff, storing other things, and packing a few things to take with us.
Here's a run down of the things we are storing and those we are taking with us:
3 trunks with yearbooks, pictures and albums and other memorabilia
1 trunk of books and toys to be sent later
3 trunks of Christmas stuff one will be sent later
1 big picture, 3 bulletin boards, one large asian style decorative fan
3 trunks of "memory and keepsake stuff" one for each of the kids
1 trunk of decorative items and dishes, etc.
1 trunk of coats and winter items we will not need on the equator but will if we come back for a visit.

Taking with us:
10 trunks and 5 duffel bags which are not so easily divided into groups but instead thrown in at this point as they are available to pack
some of the things in these trunks are:
Homeschool curriculum, baking products (choc. chips, vanilla, brownie mixes, etc.), games, toys, videos, medicines, tupperware, clothes, a few pictures and other things to make our house feel more like home when we get there.
We will each have a carry on suitcase also!

Our time in Blacksburg and Marietta

We got to see Mark's cousin Pete and his wife Jessica along with Aunt Donna, too!
We also got to see the Fox family in GA.