Thursday, March 5, 2015

Women's Day invitation

We had a meeting several weeks ago with some government officials.  The government official over our sub-county (here he is called the LC3) was there and is becoming a great friend to GSF, and we are grateful.  As he was leaving, he asked me to be the speaker at the sub-county women's day event. Although, it is out of my comfort zone, I truly feel like this opportunity is from God.

Women's day is an international day celebrating women and is on March 8th.  Districts, organizations and sub-counties will all have celebrations that day.  Most celebrations will have lots of music and dancing and a traditional meal.  It is an event full of pride and celebration and I am humbled that I was asked.  I will wear the traditional wear for Uganda and particularly this tribe that lives around here to honor and respect the people here.  I will post pictures afterwards.

Would you please pray for me that my words will clearly speak God's love and His gospel to the women there?   Pray also that God will be honored and that at the end of the day, He will be seen and remembered more than my white skin and blonde hair.

Thank you for praying!