Saturday, September 24, 2011

Justine's Baby

Monday night, I got a text from my helper saying labor pains have begun. It is always a reason to pray but from all the stories I have heard, I am even more apt to pray here for a momma in labor! So all night, I woke periodically and whispered a prayer for Justine and this new baby coming into the world and then I would fall back asleep. The next morning close to 6 o'clock, Justine's husband called me and said, "We have a boy here!" I was so thrilled and began praising God. Justine and the baby were well! On Thursday, Mark, our matron, Julianna and I went to see Justine and her family and of course the new baby. Here are some pictures of our time there!

Introducing Emmanuel Jethro!

He let me hold him and I was thrilled!

My sweet friend and her sweet baby

Some of Justine's boys, James, her husband, and two of their boys, Jotham and Dixon


Mom Amy said...

That looks like a healthy little chunk. What did he weigh? Or maybe they don't weigh them? I'm so happy for Justine. Congratulations to her.

Ruthie H. said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Please convey my congratulations. :)

Charlie said...

I love babies ;)