Saturday, May 2, 2015

Senior charge and a fun little story

Katie Fox, right out of college and newly married, prayed for a mentor and asked her pastor to help.  He matched her with Mark's mom. As they talked and prayed together, the subject of missions and Africa came up frequently.  Mark's mom suggested that Katie and her husband Cody contact Mark.  Long story short, Katie and Cody came on a 6 week trip and eventually moved to Uganda and GSF.  Katie now has a mentoring group of her own at GSF.  Two of those girls in her group are Megan and Caralina, her own mentor's granddaughters!  Isn't God good?  

Katie and her "cord group" that she mentors
When planning the graduation, Caralina's teacher told her she needed to ask someone to speak at graduation and give her a "charge".  Caralina asked Katie.  Katie's charge was so beautiful that I asked her if I could have it to put on the blog.  Here it is below:

I tried to write a fancy speech. I even Googled “Charges.”  I backed up my points with scriptures and incorporated verses…But it just didn’t seem right. Not here when I have a unique opportunity to say this to one person rather than an entire class of students. 

Then there is the thought process that since this is for one person, I could talk about all of her accomplishments, how AMAZING she is, how she loves God, serves at children’s church, is working to raise funds for Sharon’s heart, spends her time with the children who have special needs, and takes beautiful pictures that capture the heart of the ministry here…but if I went on and on for too long, she would be very uncomfortable…maybe even a little bit embarrassed with so much attention.   So I have not written a speech, or charge, or any other document, but instead this is my prayer for Caralina in this time of graduation and transition. 

I pray that you know and remember many things.
            I pray that you…
                        Know how loved you are
In America
By your family,
By your friends,
Through your blog
                        Remember where home is
It is with the people you love and not any specific place
                        Remember all you have already accomplished
You are NOT a missionary kid but a kid who IS a missionary How you have poured your heart into this ministry at GSF

You have already been making Lina’s Legacy for a long time
Know that being different is ok
 It’s good actually.
 There is no normal
                        Know that who you are is AWESOME
                        Know what you believe and why
Always have an answer for your faith
                        Remember when you’re not sure, that it’s ok to call home…a lot…
                        Remember that no one else really knows what they are doing either

I pray for your future.
            I pray that you…
Take chances
Not the dangerous ones
 Take some chances when you are unsure
Forgive yourself
Never Stop Learning
Guard your heart/ Choose good friends
                        Love both cultures for exactly what they are
Learn more about yourself
Your gifts
Don’t stress TOO much about school
Have a mentor
A little older and wiser to guide and help you
Walk through the doors God has for you
                        Continue to grow in your walk with God
                        Have clarity of His plans for your life
                        Have Peace, joy, and hope present in your heart

In conclusion:

Thank you for being a blessing to those around you. For loving others well. For being a peacemaker and a joy to this school.  Thank you for the example you set to both adults and children in how you live your life.  I think I speak for all of us that we are so proud of what you have accomplished in your time here and look forward with great excitement to what you will accomplish in the future.