Saturday, September 10, 2011

Asking for prayer

I am realizing all the more that our readers and followers are also ones who pray for us. Here are a few needs

  • There is a cold virus going around at GSF. Several ways to pray for this:
  1. Fortunately most of our very vulnerable kids (HIV and special needs kids) have not gotten it. Please pray for protection for these kids in particular!
  2. Our Nurse Katie who just arrived 4 weeks ago and started working solo on Tuesday (literally Nurse Sarah left on Tuesday about the time several kids first started complaining of the virus). Katie began to get sick today. Pray for quick healing for her.
  3. Titus was one of the first to get the virus and was doing better yesterday but started a fever again tonight. I have also had it since Thursday and haven't been able to shake it yet. Pray for protection for the rest of the family.
  • Power outages. Power has been off a lot this week. We need power to run the water pump system at GSF. We have run our generator so much this week that we are almost out of fuel. Mark was talking with the power company's Area Director today and told her we were going to pray. . . she told him to please pray for the whole country because everyone is suffering. I don't understand it all, but Uganda doesn't have enough power. They are building another hydroelectric dam but it is not ready yet and there are economic issues at hand as well. Please pray for Uganda. We trust God to provide for us.
  • We have an eye medical team coming this week. They were en route today from the States and missed a flight because of mechanical difficulty. Pray for grace and rest for them in all of their travels. With one less clinic day, please pray that this team will accomplish all that God has in store for them.


Kurt Strassner said...

Hi Mark and Amy. Thinking of and praying for you guys in Cincinnati. Keep us posted on these things.

Mike Rasberry said...

Mark and Amy, please know that I'm lifting you before the Lord during these days.

jim hoch said...

Amy, Mark and the 3 other missionaries, We have kept you all and GSF in prayer this past weekend and today. All of this blogging and answering blogs is new to us so I have been slow to answer....hope to do better in the future now that I discovered how to do it. We remain in awe of all three of you and your devotion to our wonderful God, Lord and Savior. Because we know you, our hearts swell with pride when we read of all your "adventures" and victories. We PTL for all of you :). Pray this finds you all recovering by now and with power.

Amy said...

Thank you to each of you who have been praying! Our power is on more and we have not had to buy as much fuel for the generator. Our nurse came to me today amazed and said "not one kid is sick today!" And most of our vulnerable children did not get the virus. The team was able to see everyone who needed to be seen and more. Thank you again for praying and commenting to let us know that you were praying!