Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kids give back. (Story behind the pictures on Wordless Wednesday)

One year old twins have signs of malnutrition and their grandmother is clearly overwhelmed with caring for them and their 3 year old brother and 5 year old sister. So nineteen young people and six adults from GSF went to clean the compound and mud hut. Our desire is that the grandmother will be able to keep all 4 grandchildren and that we will be able to help her do that.

We cleared out the two huts and then cleaned the huts and compound.

Some of the kids dug while others gave all four children baths. Most of the things that were done that day were initiated because a kid saw a need and did it.

The biggest need besides actually cleaning the house was the mound of laundry that needed to be washed. And no washing machines here just the 5 finger variety. (okay, so the picture I posted doesn't show them actually working but I opted for the picture where they were not leaning over--I think you understand and I know they appreciate it).

Here's some fun pictures after the bathing.

In Uganda, all twins receive a name according to their birth order and gender. For example in this family the first born twin is the girl so her Luganda name is Babirye and and the second born twin is the boy so his name is Katto. The neat thing is that we have twins at GSF who are Babirye and Katto. In fact, here below are the two Babiryes having fun together.

The four children dressed in new clothes and bathed.

So when I got to this picture, I just had to laugh. I didn't even know it was taken. Not sure what I was thinking but I do know that going to the village always causes me to reflect a lot. In fact, it takes me awhile to process what I see. Maybe as I was waiting for someone to bring me a clean rag, I was starting to reflect on it all.

Grateful for what I have and what I can give!

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