Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little laughter

Here’s a little story just to remind you that kids are kids everywhere - they just have different ways to express themselves:


Mark and I were out with some of the little girls on our back veranda today when one of them lost a bead from her new earring she had just received for her birthday.  So we all began looking in the dirt next to the veranda.  Imagine a bunch of little girls leaning over with little bottoms in the air, and then all of a sudden one jumps back quickly and says, “Aye, someone brought pressure!”  Yep, soon some of the others were holding noses and it was obvious someone had “gassed” (the term they normally use).  And just like anywhere else in the world, there were snickers, accusations and denials.  And Mark and I are still laughing tonight about the term “brought pressure.”


stacy said...

Oh MY, I thought I would roll on the floor laughing. That is the funniest way I have ever heard to express "that".
When we were there someone told him he looked "fresh" when he found out Mike was alot older than he had thought he was. LOL

Sara said...

Or in Singapore...pass motion, that was a shocker!