Friday, May 28, 2010

And the answers are . . .

The time has come that you have been waiting for. We were impressed with some of your answers! So here are the correct answers.
  1. One of the maintenance men came to me the other day and asked for spa glue. I believe this was probably the one that ended up being the hardest for everyone. One thing we have learned about Ugandans, they like to shorten words. So spa glue is a shortened version of Supa (or Super) Glue.
  2. One of the boys came to the door and told me that my bowel was on the table. yes, Paula this one was easy. Bowel is the way they pronounce bowl. I cannot say bowl without thinking about how it is pronounced here and laugh.
  3. Some of the big kids asked if they could borrow some fla. I was impressed you all got this one so easily. Fla is flour.
  4. One of the big boys said he wanted a new jumper. John and Vicki got this one right. Jumper is a jacket. It was pretty funny to us the first time when one of our teenage boys asked for one. He also thought it was funny when we told him what we call a jumper.
  5. The four suits in card games are di, supa, flower, and mutima. Which one is which? Paula was right on all of these. Mutima means heart in Luganda.
That was fun and my kids especially enjoyed it! We hope you enjoyed it too!

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Paula said...

Wow! I had no idea I spoke Ugandan!