Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, T-man!

Our little guy turns 8 today. He wanted to go on a "boy trip" for his birthday so Mark arranged for them to go to a wildlife refuge with the boys of another missionary family here, the Greers. They set off on Tuesday with excitement. However, as they traveled on the very rough road to the wildlife refuge they discovered it was impassable and had to turn around. There were potholes that would swallow up an entire car and there were at least 15 trucks stuck in those holes.
So much to Titus' dismay, they had to turn around. They decided to go to one of our favorite places, Sipi Falls and even try out a different lodge. Titus loved it and especially showing his friends a place they had never been before. We are celebrating today with cake with friends and going to dinner as a family to his favorite pizza place in Jinja. Other special treats for him today include presents from many family who either mailed packages or sent gifts with visiting teams. He also got a sweet video via facebook from one of his best friends in America! Thanks Thomas!

Happy Birthday, my little guy!


Gayla said...

As I am feeding my little Ugandan/American cereal this morning, I am reading your post. It just seems like yesterday when we were there picking her up....Titus, happy birthday man! Your party was so fun last year and we all wish we could have been there for cake this year! We miss you all so very much. Sipi Falls looks like a wonderful place to visit...what a picture! Love you guys! Gayla

Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Titus! Enjoy your special day!

Megan said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Titus! May your years be filled with Gods grace and peace!

Caralina said...

Gayla--ahh! Please give my love to that sweet Ugandan/American little girl of yours! Can't believe it has been a year. Next time you come we will go to Sipi!

Paula and Megan-Thank you for your wishes. I read them to Titus.