Friday, August 22, 2008

Dermabond to the rescue

Since the older children are at camp, we decided to take the younger ones to KingFisher, a resort nearby, for a afternoon of swimming. Two of the house moms and I took all the little girls yesterday and Mark is there with the little boys today. While we were there yesterday, I was running from one tier of the pool to the other and did not notice the broken coke bottle scattered on the sidewalk until I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I looked down to see myself surrounded by broken glass including the bottom part that was sticking up with sharp pieces all around. I also noticed lots of blood coming from my foot. Long story short, we finally got the bleeding stopped and Mark met us up there with Dermabond that the Hancocks had given us from the states! We put it on and then went to see a doctor today. She said the Dermabond is working and that I need to keep my feet up for a day or so. I am so thankful as it could have been so much worse and that it was not one of the little girls!

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Margo McCann said...

I think dermabond is such a lifesaver sometimes. It is great because it just dissolves unlike some stitches!