Friday, August 22, 2008

The Holiday blues

We are adjusting to the kids (all 89 of them) being out of school. The 32 teenagers went to camp this week so we only have the 12 and unders. The other morning I had about 15 of them at my door wondering if I could open the pavilion so they could play video games. (Someone donated a play station or something like that). I told them that I was opening the pavilion at 2 for crafts but not video games and they had plenty to do without video games. They gave me the sad looks that every mother gets when their “bored” children look at them during the school break. I gave them a bucket of chalk and said to go have some fun with that. About 10 minutes later, I was then summoned by the kids saying “Auntie Amy, we want you to see what we wrote.” I went out and they had drawn all these little kids with sad faces and then above it wrote “please can we go for video games please.” So funny! I told Mark I feel like I have 50 kids home from school break!

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