Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here at Good Shepherd's Fold we have 7 kids with HIV. It takes special care for them to continue living healthy lives. Three of these kids (we think) have Tuberculosis right now.

Philip is seven years old and he has become very sick in recent days - losing lots of weight, not able to eat, etc. After "unloading" the high protein drink which was given to build up his strength, Philip had to be taken to the hospital last night (Thursday, Aug. 13).

Please pray for Philip as such illness is critical for a kid with HIV. He needs God's touch to restore his strength. Thank you for praying with us!


Chad Grindstaff said...

I remember Paul from last summer! I taught him math in the school system. It breaks my heart to hear that he is not doing well, he is such a beautiful kid! I will definitely be praying for him. Please give William, Benji, Chad and Philip hugs from "Uncle Chad!" I miss them so much and send my very best! May God bless you!

-Chad Grindstaff
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

Chandler said...

It really breaks my heart to hear that Philip is not doing well at all. It also breaks my heart that 3 of the Agape children have Tuberculosis. I have started a pray chain for Philip. Many people are praying healing for him. Because we all know how powerful prayer is and we know how powerful our Abba Father is! Please give all my children and outsiders hugs and highfives from me. I pray that God gives you and Mark the strength to continue each day. Ciao

~Chandler Sharpe