Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T turns 9

One month ago today, Titus turned nine. A huge part of having a birthday here at GSF is being "watered" so in the afternoon after we all met our visiting team from Ireland the kids ran after Titus with water. Being the good sport that he is, he decided to give his friends big wet hugs.

While Mark and the girls and other missionaries were serving and eating with the visiting team, Titus and I had some of his friends (all boys at GSF ages 7-12)over for a movie (The Three Stooges--they loved it!) and zucchini cake. Yes, he is a picky kid and doesn't even like zucchini but loves chocolate zucchini cake! Back row left to right: Henry, David, Justus. Front: Samson, Titus, & Solomon Kabuzi

Funny Faces! Philip, Henry, Titus, David, Justus, Emmanuel, Samson, & Solomon Kabuzi.

Here's one of everybody so you can see how many boys were really at the party. Yes, I am crazy and yes, we had fun!

Titus modeling a few of his Birthday gifts; Soccer Ball, Lego, and Gumboots.

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