Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blessings--Family and Safari

There are days I realize that I am so blessed beyond measure. I am sitting right now on my veranda overlooking a beautiful rainforest, watching a group of toddlers walking by hand in hand. They all just yelled up, "Auntie Amy!" That is just one blessing I experience on a daily basis and actually not the one I was even planning on writing about.

We have been in Africa three short years, and we have had the blessing of having my parents come visit twice for a total of 4 1/2 months and Mark's mom come twice for a total of over a month. We also have had all three of Mark's brothers, a sister-in-law, 2 nieces, and a nephew all come visit. We have missionary friends here who have never had a family member visit. It is indeed a blessing we count a pure joy!

In April, Mark's mom, brothers, David and J.R. and J.R.'s son, Gage all came to visit us. It was great to show them around and for them to see our ministry in action. The guys helped plant seedlings and went a forest walk and both brothers had the opportunity to speak. Mark's mom went to the village several times and spoke with the house mothers. We also took them around Jinja and went on the boat to the source of the Nile.
The second week, we all had the opportunity to go on safari. That also is a blessing I am overwhelmed by! It is incredible to see elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, and so much more in the wild and up close. Here are some of our pictures:
I never tire of seeing elephants, but never want to get too close!

Ugandan Kob and a giraffe.
We loved seeing Patas monkeys. This one posed for us.

Female Lion enjoying her morning kill. She wasn't paying a bit of attention to us!

The greatest blessings of all . . . (although at times quite silly!)

I Love my family and so grateful for the blessing of them!


Ruthie H. said...

Great photos, Amy! So neat to hear about all of your "blessings." : )

Renae said...

Amy, Tony and I have never seen you seem happier. This is definitely where God meant for you to be. So happy for you. My girls and I talk about visiting you often. I hope the Lord will allow one day.