Monday, April 26, 2010

Gloria and Esther

Thank you for your prayers for Gloria. She is home and doing better.

During church, we have a time of testimony. The kids can get up and praise God for whatever is on their heart. Some of the kids will get up and say “I thank God for my life.” Others will thank God for doing well in school or other things. One testimony stuck out to me this week and that was of little Esther age 8. Esther is in Gloria’s house and has also seemed to enjoy taking care of her. Esther got up and with her beautiful smile lighting up the room she said, “I thank God, Gloria got home from the hospital.” As I glanced over at Gloria in her wheelchair, I thought how blessed we are! So on behalf of Gloria and Esther, I say thank you for praying!

We are currently looking for a new housemom for Gloria and Esther’s house and would ask for the right mom for that house. It is not an easy task to be a mom to eight girls and especially when one has so many needs as Gloria. But Gloria and Esther and the other 6 need a mother who will love them.

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