Monday, April 19, 2010

prayer for Gloria

We are reminded how precious life is and how God has created each life for His glory. We are especially reminded of this with our special needs kids. He teaches us so much through their lives. One of those precious lives is Gloria. We do not know much about her past but in her present state she cannot walk but gets along pretty well crawling and scooting. She also doesn’t talk. The last few months have been rough on Gloria as she has had chicken pox and typhoid. She also has been in the hospital several times for other reasons. I got word yesterday that she was throwing up and very weak again. We put her in the hospital again and are waiting for results. Would you please pray for Gloria, for her future, and for wisdom in how to take care of her? Would you also thank God for her life and what He can teach all of us through her and others like her?


Megan said...

Praying that God brings Gloria healing and peace.

Beaudan said...


Beaudan said...

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