Friday, February 5, 2010

A realization

This week our family has been visited by malaria.  Megan had malaria on Saturday and really just started feeling better yesterday.  Mark and Titus both tested positive today.  Tonight we sent Caralina to get some more medicine from Bob and Carolyn.  They did not have any at their house so Carolyn drove down to the clinic with Caralina to get some more.  Unfortunately, Carolyn could not get the clinic unlocked so she and Caralina went on a search for the nurse in order to get the key for the clinic.  Caralina came home and told me about the trail they took just to be able to get the medicines for her daddy and brother.  At the end, she told me that Auntie Carolyn at one point in despair jokingly said “your brother and dad could die before we get this medicine to them.”  Caralina then looked at me with all sincerity and maturity and said, “Mom, I know she was just joking but then I thought about all the people around us who struggle to get the medicine and may die because they can’t get it.”  Wow, a aha moment for a 13 year old.

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