Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have 7 kids here at GSF who are HIV+ . They all go to a clinic once a month to be checked and receive their medications. Some of them get good reports and are doing well. We have 3 who really struggle with the disease. One of these is 15-year-old Norah. Norah gets sick often and sometimes refuses to eat.

Right before we went on furlough, a team from our church came to visit. Our pastor, Tim Lampley, spoke at a village crusade and Norah listened to him speak although she was not feeling well. When she got home that night, she asked to speak to Pastor Tim and Mark. After talking briefly, she gave her life to Christ! A teen who, many would say, has little or no hope found her hope in Jesus. We praise God for this change in her life!

Unfortunately, she had another change in her life while we were on furlough. She contracted toxioplasmosis, which is a parasite that has paralyzed her right arm and leg. We were saddened by the news but grateful to hear that she seemed to be taking it well. She is now in a wheelchair, but can briefly stand and take a few steps.

Since we arrived back at GSF, Norah's hemoglobin count has been very low and she has had to receive two blood transfusions. It has also been determined that she must start the stage 2 HIV medications because the stage 1 medications are no longer working.

Due to her condition, Norah was not able to go with the rest of our teenagers on a retreat to a mountainous area. Because of this, we all decided that Norah would get a shopping trip to town.

Mark, Megan and I took her to town yesterday to shop for a specific pair of sandals she wanted and to have lunch. Mark did well to maneuver the wheelchair over the broken and uneven sidewalks. We went to many stores before we finally found the exact sandals - the ones covered with goat skin! Please pray for Norah to grow in both physical and spiritual strength.

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