Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Medical, More Kids

God graciously moved us through the malaria.  It lasts about 3 days.  Some days are miserable, but the Lord is our help at all times.

Now we have chicken pox going around.  There are 5 kids at the orphanage who have it and we’re trying to keep it from spreading to the other 90 kids!  We wouldn’t mind the rest of them getting it, except we are always concerned for our HIV kids.

GSF received two new babies this week.  One was only 5 days old when he arrived.  His twin brother died at two days old and his mother died the following day.  Pray for this boy’s grieving father.  GSF will care for the baby for 2-3 years.  The other boy we took this week has a teenage mom who was raped.  A teacher in the village has been caring for him for a few months – she had previously counseled the mother not to have an abortion.  This wonderful, life-saving woman simply cannot care for him now that school has begun, so she brought him to GSF.  The boy’s name, Muzarsi, means “God is gracious.”  How fitting.

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