Monday, November 3, 2008

update on Mary

I am trying to restrain myself from using lots of exclamation points but we are thrilled today to let everyone know that Mary is HIV negative !!!!!! (opps I did it :)). For those new to our blog, Mary was born on Aug. 4th, her mother died on Aug. 17th and she was brought to the orphanage on Aug. 19th weighing in at 2KG (4.4lbs). We have been alternating with Claudia, another missionary here at the orphanage, and keeping her every other week.
Claudia took her to the clinic today to get her 2nd round of vaccinations and to find out the results. We are all thrilled to find out she is HIV negative and weighs 5KG (11 lbs)!
Praise God with us on this wonderful news! We continue to pray for Mary's future and what God has in store for her.


Amrita said...

Praise The Lord

Nick's Photos said...

It was nice seeing those Mulago Child project kids and places I have missed in last 1.5 yrs I've been away. God Bless U

Carolyn said...

Wonderful news! PTL!