Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pictures of our house

Several have asked to see pictures of our house, which is one side of a duplex here at the orphanage.
This is looking in at the kitchen and dining room; the sink is on the right:

This is taken standing at the island (in the middle of the kitchen and dining room)looking at the living room. The schoolroom is beyond the wall.

Our schoolroom. The bathroom is the first door to the left of the schoolroom and the master bedroom is the second one to the left and the kids room at the end.

The bathroom/laundry room; there is a door going to the master bedroom on the right

Our master bedroom

The kids' room


Amrita said...

Nice house.
I see that you use mosquito nets which are also used here. Now we don 't use them anymore, its easier to use a vapourizer, although its not very effective, but I 'm lazy

Renae said...

have you gotten my letters?
please send some more!!!
I love your room!!!
your house is sooo cute!!!