Sunday, November 2, 2008

"How life is in Uganda"

Friday was "boys night." Caralina and Amy were having a special night out and Megan was staying with a friend, so Titus and I headed to town for a few errands and dinner together. It's impossible to leave the orphanage without multiple interferences and delays, so we were off to a typical late start. Instead of running a few errands, we found ourselves simply trying to reach the computer repair shop before they closed, because my laptop has a problem with its power system. We were heading toward Jinja when my window came completely off the track and clunked to the bottom of the door. Leaving your car with a window down in town is most certainly NOT a good idea, so we altered our plans and headed to the mechanic's shop before they closed instead. After sitting for an hour and seeing the window successfully repaired, we went directly to the market to pick up some supplies for an upcoming event. We did well there and at a corner supermarket (Don't think WalMart - it's like the size of a convenience store in the states), but it was already late, due to the aforementioned delays.

We went to a favorite restaurant for pizza (again, don't be fooled into thinking Pizza Hut or Papa Johns, or even Little Caesar's)... and we played a round of pool while waiting for our pizza. Returning to our table, we discovered someone else was sitting there as we had vacated, so we had to wait for another table. They were short-staffed and our main waiter was a Trainee. it was still good and we got home about 9 p.m. So much for watching a movie together when we got back.

Titus is adjusting well to life here in Africa and he summed up the evening appropriately. At one point he sighed, smiled and said, "This is just how life is in Uganda." Ha, ha - very true, my son. Very true!


John and Vicki said...

Titus has a great heart!

Amrita said...

Mark and Amy,

I can identify with that. LOL

God bless.

Hope you got your laptop and window fixed