Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reading contest

Since all the kids are out of school for a month, I decided it would be fun to have a reading contest. I planned out the forms, the prizes, and the rules. I had all things organized but because I cut my foot and could not walk very well, we had to change the place of venue to our veranda (porch). So the first day, I told some of the kids what we were doing that day and told them to spread the word. As they all gathered, I shared with them the prizes, the goals, and the rules. I made sure all was very clear on what they were to do and then said "okay, let the reading contest begin." And begin it did. "Auntie Amy, may I have a book?" AWWW! They don't have books and all the books are in the pavilion where it was planned to meet before I cut my foot. So off went Mark and some of the big boys to get boxes of books. Then came the next dilemma, I don't know what level each child can read. We divided them up in grade levels and found some of the older ones to read to the younger ones. Some of the kids I expected to read just couldn't read. The amazing thing that by the end of the time, these kids were reading better and wanting to read more.
The final outcome: Over 16,000 pages read with 58 kids participating. The priceless outcome: even today after the contest was over they were still coming to me asking for books!

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