Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Queen, and Baby Airy

Titus and I took Mary on a walk yesterday around the property of the orphanage. We had two others who joined us from the beginning of the walk and several others who joined in as we walked. Grace, an 8 year old twin and Lily, a mentally disabled girl from next door were our walking companions.
Lily, as usual, kept us laughing and talking the entire time. "Whose this one. . . the baby?"
"It is baby Mary, Lily."
"Baby Airy seeping"
"No, Lily, baby Mary is not sleeping"
"I take the baby"
"Okay, Lily you walk with me"
"I don't know" (Lily's favorite phrase when she doesn't understand what you have said)
This continued on for most of the walk. We would talk amongst ourselves, and others would join our walk, and every once in awhile, Lily would say something about Baby Airy.
As we continued our walk, Grace noticed something in the sky and remarked that the queen was up in the sky.
"The queen?" I asked.
"Yes, see look at the plane and the silver line"
Others chimed in that it is always the queen going overhead. (Uganda has a president and first lady so I am not sure if they are talking about the first lady, a fairy tale queen or the queen of England as Uganda is a former British colony.) They then began to tell me that the queen's airplane is the only one that has a white or silver line behind it. I tried to refute that but to no avail. To them, only a queen would be rich enough to ride in a plane with a silver line behind it.
So we walked on home with the queen overhead and Baby Airy in the stroller "seeping".

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