Monday, April 14, 2008

The Value of 10%

Someone recently gave us a 10% discount card for Circuit City thinking we could save a few dollars on some supplies for Uganda. Here’s what happened Friday evening...

We went to Circuit City to look for another laptop for school/home use. We had the funds to go on and get it and we found a Toshiba laptop almost identical to the one we bought in December. It has a larger hard drive and a camera card reader – everything else is identical. The one we got Friday was $140 less than the one we got 4 months ago! We got a good deal on the last one, so we’re excited about this one too.

Now about that discount card… It wasn’t valid on computers. So we gave the card to some friends we saw when we first went in the store tonight. Their old TV died so they were looking for a new one. They also made some other purchases, so I thought it would save them a lot. After making their purchase, they found us by the computers and handed us a gift card for $140, which is the amount they saved with the discount card! Ha, ha, ha – if I had used the card myself on another piece of equipment we bought, we would have saved about $12. By giving it to someone else, the Lord multiplied it 12 times! I did not “sell” it to them, I just gave them the card and they surprised us by handing the savings right back to us.

Ahhh, God’s Spirit moves people so that even a little discount card ends up in the right hands at the right time.

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