Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My life in 25 trunks

We are going through all of our things and getting rid of so much stuff, storing other things, and packing a few things to take with us.
Here's a run down of the things we are storing and those we are taking with us:
3 trunks with yearbooks, pictures and albums and other memorabilia
1 trunk of books and toys to be sent later
3 trunks of Christmas stuff one will be sent later
1 big picture, 3 bulletin boards, one large asian style decorative fan
3 trunks of "memory and keepsake stuff" one for each of the kids
1 trunk of decorative items and dishes, etc.
1 trunk of coats and winter items we will not need on the equator but will if we come back for a visit.

Taking with us:
10 trunks and 5 duffel bags which are not so easily divided into groups but instead thrown in at this point as they are available to pack
some of the things in these trunks are:
Homeschool curriculum, baking products (choc. chips, vanilla, brownie mixes, etc.), games, toys, videos, medicines, tupperware, clothes, a few pictures and other things to make our house feel more like home when we get there.
We will each have a carry on suitcase also!

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