Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miracle Story #3--An 8 footer!

Some of the missionaries were talking at our house when got word from the headmaster of the school that a snake had just been killed in his office; he was praising God for His protection.  A few minutes later a procession of kids, a guard and an almost dead snake flung on a stick made their way to our house. 

The story is that the headmaster was moving a box in his office and realized it was very heavy.  It looked like there was rubber or tires inside so he called some others to come in and look.  When they examined it, they realized it was a snake.  Fortunately, the snake had just eaten a bird so was not interested in a fight.  They were able to safely take the box out and kill the snake.  We measured it and it was 8 feet or 2.4 meters long!  We are not positive what it was but it may have been a Black Mamba--We are praising God for His protection!  Mark prayed with everyone to thank God for His protection and to show all the kids that He is a God who protects!

My man with Watchman Richard and using his own machete to make sure the snake is finished!  What?  Your man doesn't have his own machete?

This has to be my favorite picture from the event!  Great one of our kids!

Love this of my teammates!  Notice our "Colombian Queen" poking at the bird still inside the snake and our newbie, Sheila, not sure what to think about this.  You may wonder what I am doing.

Enjoying snuggle time on my veranda with Letty, one of our newest.

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