Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our newest miracles

So I have been long in writing any post.  I was just debating on writing a miracle story or introduce our newest kids.  As I debated, I had to be honest and realize that our new kids are miracles.  Mark and I have talked and expressed to others that it is bitter sweet when we have a new child arrive at GSF.  Bitter because they have to come to an orphanage and the reasons in their young life that has brought them to this place.  Sweet because it is a miracle and gift from God that they are now in a place of safety and love and an opportunity to hear about the God who loves them.  So would you praise God with me for the 3 new miracles at GSF!

Baby Ben came to us at 3 days old at the end of April.  His mother died soon after Ben's birth but his father comes to visit him regularly
Letty (above)and Gloria (below) are step-sisters and were being cared for by their grandparents along with 10 other children.  They are also cousins to the 3 cute pair that just arrived in April.  We praise God for each life He brings and the opportunity it allows us to share His love to a child! 

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