Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miracle Story #1-Philip

A few days ago, I was leaving the office block at GSF when I saw him.  I stopped and stared.  Gratitude filled my heart and a smile crossed my face.  I called to our administrator, "Come out and see a miracle."  We both watched as a group of school boys played soccer, but we were both zeroed in on one boy--our miracle.  I told her how I had seen him playing soccer every night at his house.  How he is always running and playing and carrying all sorts of things these days.   He had gained over 10 kilos (22lbs.) in the last 5 months!

Our miracle. . . Philip!

Many of you have heard about Philip, many of you have prayed for Philip, many of you have cried out to God on behalf of Philip.  You have had the privilege of hearing about, praying for and crying out on behalf of a miracle!  This little guy has had his share of miracles in his life.  If you ask anybody who has ever worked at GSF, they will tell you that that boy is a walking miracle.  Some will tell you that they have lost count of how many times they thought Philip was going to die.  He has always been so weak and sickly; I've never seen him play any sports until this year.
Last October was much the same.  Philip had a fever one night so our nurse took him to a very good clinic that specializes in the disease Philip has.  Upon seeing Philip, the doctor took one look at him and said, "this boy is not going to make it out of the hospital this time."  She was afraid he had a deadly case of pneumonia.  Emails, phone calls and prayer meetings began and many people all around the world began to pray for Philip, an 11-year-old who at one point weighed as low as 35 lbs.  I could go into many details but I will say he was a very, very sick boy and the doctors gave very little hope.  It was as if he was as good as dead.  However, many of us felt God was giving us hope and that He was not yet finished with Philip.  We continued to pray and asked many others to pray.   Finally at the beginning of November, Philip got to come home.  Even at that, there were indications that the doctors were sending him home because they didn't know what else to do.
Philip continued to improve and beat all odds against him.  God was on his side!  Now he is that little guy  that is running around playing soccer, racing with the missionaries, and laughing with everyone!  Thank you for your prayers for him.  We praise God that, although Philip still has an incurable disease, He has the great physician and healer on his side.


Ed and Jenn said...

This made me so happy! Hugs to all of you!! Love, Jenn

ceehowicraft said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful miracle! How encouraging to us to pray without ceasing and to go boldly before the throne of our Father, the King, in faith. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

I love this boy! It's been years since I've seen him and what a difference!! Praise God!

Corinne Stoltzfus said...

I can't believe it!! This made me cry! I am SO glad he is doing well! Can't wait to see him again!!