Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slideshow: In His Hands

We were visited recently by Ryan Estes, a professional photographer from Pennsylvania. He sent about 35 photos from the few hours he spent at GSF and graciously allowed us to share them however we wish. This is just a quick iPhoto slideshow set to one of our new favorite songs. Thank you, Ryan, for capturing GSF and our family in some great pictures!

The song is "Arms That Hold the Universe" by 33 Miles.


Mom Amy said...

That is so great. He really did capture the essence, the love, and the work.

Beth Almack said...

This is a beautiful display of your ministry -- my heart was stirred!
Love to you all.

Haiti Happenings said...

Great pictures and song. The Lord is using you! Blessing on each of you.
Art & Suetta