Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Staff Christmas party

 We had the privilege to celebrate with over 80 employees and bless them at Christmas.  We had our party this year on the 23rd to begin the Christmas celebrations.

Mark and I are seen here with Ja Ja Mary, an icon of GSF. She requested a photo with us.

Each department did a presentation.  The mothers did several songs and dances.  I am here with some of them after the party.

The missionaries did an impromptu lip-sync to rocking around the Christmas tree.  Here are the "single ladies" showing some "western dance moves."  I wish I had a picture of Mark with his santa hat and sunglasses!

We then gave out bonuses, basins of gifts, 4 kg of meat, and also let them all pick out toys and books from our excess supply.  Here is one of our absolutely beautiful assistants carrying one of the basins to an employee.  

It was a great time and a blessing to celebrate Christmas with our fellow laborers for Christ!  That evening, we had a Christmas party with all the missionaries and visitors at our new house (although it is not completely ready for us to move in yet.  We also went to the houses Christmas Caroling. 

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Deb said...

Amy: It is so nice to see that Rosie is included in the festivities. I look forward to my trip later this summer to see all of you.

Deborah Foster