Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at GSF

Christmas Morning, I walked around the houses to greet the mothers who were already up cooking and then the kids.  The toddlers and I sang happy birthday to Jesus!  We then had our family time of enjoying one another and opening gifts and of course, enjoying the yummy cinnamon rolls made the day before!  We also had our visitors over around 10 and then we all went to church at 11. 
The little angels with baby Jesus (which was one of our smallest special needs girls, Mercy)

There were lots of presentations in church.  The kids acted out the Christmas story.
Caralina was the narrator and Megan was Mary.
 After the service, some prepared the church for dinner and other festivities, while others went to get the food, gifts and get ready for more fun.  Then the fun continued and the eating began.

Little ones enjoying a delicious Christmas lunch and soda

Then it was time for singing Happy Birthday to Jesus--Ugandan style.   Here, Joseph and Sebastian enjoying Birthday Cake.
And then it was time for gifts!  Thank you, Greers and their church, Friendly Hills for providing so many gifts.  We also used many toys that some of you have mailed to us throughout the year.
 Merry Christmas to All from Uganda!


Ruthie H. said...

Great photos! I love the "cake-eating" one. :)

Annointed Health said...

I remember VERY FONDLY those Christmases at GSF!! The kids were so very excited and loved the food most of all! Our first tree was decorated with balloons!! (very common there!) And some even used TP!! Looks like you all had a blessed and wonderful one.!
Love from all the Walker's