Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our newest "resident"

This week we discovered a new resident on our 110 acres of land. "There's an armadillo in the tree," was the first indication that something new and exciting was going on outside. I went out side to see one of the gardeners at GSF climbing a tree and asking for a stick. The gardener saw it in the tree and knew it wasn't harmful to humans so decided to show it to Titus, Eli and Henry. It drew quite a crowd and as you can see it was a little nervous and probably regretted deciding to live at an orphanage. The picture below is when it got knocked on to the ground and realized it was surrounded by screaming children.

What is it you ask? It is not an armadillo but a pangolin. I am guessing by the looks of it that it is the tree climbing variety.

Thought I would also add pictures of 2 of the brave Gwartney crew who were willing to touch it. A special thank you to Debbie Rohrer and Caralina for the fabulous pictures!


val said...

Ana always hugs the pangolin statues here in Singapore. It's an endangered animal here. I had no idea you had them there too! Fun!!

mark and bobbi said...

Mark and Amy, your old neighbors here from Berkshire Circle. I follow your blog regularly and pray for your family and the orphanage. Your beautiful children are growing up. We are grandparents to wonderful baby boy named Sam. By the way, God did answer our prayers they live about 15 minutes away in Hernando. We serve an awesome God!