Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas is Closer

We know that Christmas isn’t all about gifts, just like salvation is not all about gifts either – but the gifts can be further evidence of God’s great love and provision for us.  Look at the great lengths He is going just to supply some gifts to a group of kids in Uganda….

After Sam & Suzie Davis went to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital warehouse (see “Christmas is Coming” post below), then it was time to hand off the load to Amy’s parents, Larry & Bonnie Roots, who live in Lynchburg, VA.  (The Roots’ are coordinating the transport of these items to Uganda, as they are coming to visit in December.)  The Davis’ drove to Knoxville to visit their daughter, Suzanna, who attends college there.  The Roots rented a van and drove from Lynchburg to meet them there.  Point of reference: Knoxville is a big city and it’s about 350 miles each from Memphis to the west and Lynchburg to the east.  Here is what the Roots’ reported about the journey:

To show you how GOOD GOD is:  When we were 54 miles from Knoxville I called Suzie and they were 57 miles West of Knoxville.  They said Suzanna's dorm is right downtown and not a good place for the hand-off.  I had a map and suggested an exit 2 miles from there.  When we got there we saw a nice size gas station on the corner close to the interstate so we pulled in and I called to tell them where to meet.  They came right to the station within about 3 minutes.  Suzanna pulled in a minute after they did.  Only God could have done that in a city that size.  We visited and passed off everything, took pictures and then we headed back home.  It was really neat to see them and their excitement for what had happened.

Amazing!  The Roots have organized everything into 8 trunks to be sent to Uganda.  Not only is there a gift for every kid at GSF, but the hospital donated hoards of T-shirts, socks, batteries and other items along with the rest of it!

Next step: To get the gifts and supplies here without paying excess baggage fees.  God’s transport service is already in place and we will let you know about it later.  Stay tuned!


The Fish Family said...

What a neat story!! Here's my story about Sam Davis. When I was 16, I was a soccer referee on the weekends. I ran out of gas on the interstate (240) and panicked. No cell phone, no gas and stuck no where near an exit. I sat in my car, trying not to cry. I prayed and prayed that God would help me. I got out and started to walk the long trek to the Poplar exit in hopes to find someone to help me. As I walked, a car slowly pulled over. Although I wanted help, I panicked wondering if it might be someone who would take advantage of me. There was Sam Davis' smiling face with his son coming home from a soccer game. They had been chatting and missed their Walnut Grove exit "accidentally." They had no clue who I was but I recognized them from church. He took care of me, got me gas and made sure I was safe. Another God moment! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Loved that story, Cassie; thanks for sharing! We love the Davises! They came to Korea the middle of my senior year and my family has come to love and appreciate them. I am guessing your "Sam Davis" story was right before they came. Maybe? They are an incredible family!