Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Birthday for Philip

Today is Philip's birthday and like everyone's birthday it is a chance to celebrate. However, for those who love and know Philip, we are glad we have the day to celebrate. Philip has full-blown AIDS. Philip has been sick much of his life and the last few months have been worse for him. Unfortunately, these days, anytime Philip's name is mentioned in conversation someone says "He doesn't look good." So honestly everyday that we still have Philip is a day to celebrate. Would you pray with us that we have many, many more days with Philip? Would you also pray with us for Philip's salvation? Recently, in a conversation with Mark, Philip told Mark, "but I don't have Jesus in my heart." When Mark talked to him further, Philip did not want to become a Christian yet. Pray that that time will come.


Megan said...

Prayed for healing, hope, grace, mercy and salvation.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Phillip.

May this child accept Jesus as his personal Saviour

Mark and Amy said...

Thank you, Megan and Amrita for your prayers! He seems to be doing better today and even asked for spaghetti sauce.