Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Vitamin Hand-Off!

Mark, Caralina and I went to Kampala on Saturday to meet the World Help/Liberty team and 1300 lbs of the vitamins. We enjoyed visiting over a great meal with the team. Although they were exhausted after traveling over 36 hours, they were upbeat and we had an enjoyable time. The guys then helped load the van with all the boxes of vitamins.
As we all left the van, Mark stayed behind to make sure everything was secure. He then remembered that he had noticed earlier in the day that the lock on one of the windows was missing. He stood by the window trying to figure out what to do when he decided to pray. He said, "God, you got these vitamins all the way here, You don't need a lock to keep these vitamins safe. Please keep them safe."

When he stopped praying, he looked down to see a small wire laying between his feet. He promptly took the wire and fixed it in the window to lock it. We serve an incredible God!

We woke up early the next morning to get to Sunday school at GSF so we could share with the kids what God had done. Stay tuned for more pictures!


Renae said...

How wonderful!

BJ said...

Praise the Lord. We pray that they will keep all of those kids healthy.