Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Delivering the Goods

After months of praying for a ton of vitamins to make it to Uganda and GSF, they finally arrived! With eagerness, Mark, Caralina and I woke early Sunday morning to travel the 2 hours to get home so we could show everyone else what God had done. Most of the children had not heard about the vitamins and we were eager to tell the story, so after Sunday School, all the children were called to the pavilion where Mark pulled out a bottle of vitamins and began to tell about how a group of kids in America wanted to collect bottles of vitamins for GSF. He told how a pharmaceutical company got involved and that someone shipped the vitamins to an NGO and a university who desired to help.

As he told the story, Caralina and others made sure each person got a vitamin that morning.

When the story was finished, Mark asked Solomon, one of the older boys, to open the trunk of the van to reveal the boxes.

That afternoon we all enjoyed unloading the boxes into one of the offices for storage.

We want to thank SBEC (especially the 7th Grade class), Northwest Health Products, NICS, World Help and Liberty University, along with many others who prayed and took part in sending a ton of vitamins to Good Shepherd's Fold in Uganda! God used many instruments to orchestrate a beautiful miracle.

We are now giving daily vitamins to over 300 students at the GSF school, more than 30 GSF teens, special needs kids and toddlers, as well as sharing with other ministries in this area. To God be the Glory!

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