Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interns are In

Our five interns arrived Friday evening.   Most of them are staying for 7 weeks; one of them is staying for a year.  It has been a joy to have Ben, Chris, Margaret, Sarah and Zach with us these days.  They are all 20-24 years old and full of fresh life.  The interns are teaching Sunday School, helping the kids write to their sponsors, teaching in the school, working with our special needs kids daily, assisting with visiting teams and doing some manual work around the campus.


Zach is a friend from NICS who teaches at ICS Singapore.  Ben just graduated from Ole Miss.  Chris has been in junior college and has enrolled at Mississippi State for the fall.  Sarah and Margaret are both students at UNC-Chapel Hill.  We are grateful to have each of them here!

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