Monday, June 22, 2009

Angel, Joanne and their mom

The van pulled up right by our house and I walked out to greet our social worker and nurse along with 4 month old Angel, 5 year old Joanne and their mom.  Their mom was discharged from the hospital and was a little nervous about letting her kids go to an orphanage so the social worker wisely choose to bring the mom here to see where her girls would be staying.   Fortunately, their mom should be fine; we are hoping she just needs help getting back on her feet so her girls can move back with her eventually.  It is obvious she loves her girls.


When Joanne got out of the van she refused to shake my hand or even look at me.   Angel looked at me and her tiny face lit up with a big smile.  We took Joanne to see her new foster mother, Ursula and get her some new clothes.   Although, Joanne was unsure of this new place and this new woman who was going to be her foster mother, within 5 minutes she was clinging to Ursula and seemed to be more agreeable to the situation.  I left Angel with her mom at Joanne’s new house while I went to look for some clothes Angel’s size and a few more supplies for Joanne.  Several hours later, Ursula and Joanne brought Angel to our house with big smiles on their faces.  Joanne was on her way to the tailor to get her uniforms so she could start school on Monday.


Angel has done really well in our home.  She is very tiny so we are working on fattening upJ.  We are hoping to get her on a good schedule (which she is close to it already) and move her to the baby’s home soon.  Pray for Angel, Joanne and their mom for spiritual restoration, physical healing, and practical training  for their mom and that some day they will be able to be back together again.  One of our desires here at the orphanage is to begin training and working with mothers like Joanne and Angel’s so they can nurture and provide for their children. 




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