Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas time--family time!

A challenge at the orphanage is being able to have family time so we were praying and concerned how we would be able have that time on Christmas. God was gracious and gave us that time in the morning without any interruptions. Mark was able to make our traditional coffee cake and we were able to take our time enjoying each other and our gifts. The last gift was a scavenger hunt that we took the kids on while looking for that last present. We will take you on the hunt in pictures:Reading the card that was in the present for all three of them. It said to go look where mom adds color to her face:They found the next card in my make-up bag. They were then to go where dad keeps his tools:
In their dad's closet they found the next card that said they may want to have some "walking pills" (their nanny and poppy's term for m&ms):

Meg ransacked the trunk in the pantry and found the walking pills and card which said, if you are going walking you may need to clean your shoes so they went to the shower room outside where they clean their shoes. It also reminded them that they needed dad's tool box. We don't have a picture of them at the shower room but the card there said that maybe Uncle Bob and Auntie Carolyn (our directors who are in Ireland for Christmas) would like a pineapple when they get back.
Titus found the pineapple with the message but it said maybe they needed to check at Uncle Bob and Auntie Carolyn's house to make sure they didn't have any pineapples already. It also says that it has been said that they keep them in their bedroom.
Up the path with tool box in hand.
The treasure at the end of the hunt! Bikes for each including one for Dad!
A special gift for mom! A duvet and cover!


The Fish Family said...

Did you know that Elizabeth Elliots dad did something similar for his family? Instead of the messages on paper, he ran string all over the house that the kids had to follow like a huge cobweb with gifts in the end! What a great idea you did. We did something similar at Easter last year. Glad you got some good family time.

MisterChris said...

Treasure hunts are cool. i used to do those with our kids as well on Birthdays and such.

Nice to hear how things are going with you guys!