Wednesday, December 24, 2008

catch-up and Newsletter

The last month has been crazy . . . (not unlike the last six months). We were involved in a wedding that threw us for a cultural loop and then the next day Titus woke up with a fever which we eventually discovered was malaria. Through this time, I was dealing with a parasite who was refusing to leave my body and Mark has had computer problems for two months and the internet has not always worked. All of that to say we are doing well right now and learning tons! God has taught us a lot and our latest E-Newsletter shares some of that so instead of trying to write it all again I will copy this newsletter here.

Joy to the World!

“You all look so happy!” is something we hear a lot from friends and family back home when they see a picture of us here.
Happy... I have to ponder that word. Honestly, I am not always happy living here in the middle of the sugar cane fields of Uganda.
To be even more honest, Mark and I have been ready to pack up and leave several times and would have if it were not for the confidence we have that God sent us here and He is molding us more into His image... The confidence to know that our Maker, the Creator of the universe, loves us so much and wants to use us and make us more like Him. Now that gives me joy!
I am not, at times, happy with my circumstances. I am not always happy about learning a new culture that is so foreign to me, but I am joyful in the fact that God loves those in this culture just as much as He loves me and He has much for me to learn from them.
I am not always happy about the many knocks on our door all day and night, but I am joyful that God has placed the little faces on the other side of the door in my life.
It is God who sent His Son, who is the giver of JOY, to earth . Joy
to the world is what we share with the our little world of GSF and Uganda. No matter what your circumstances (and we know some are going through some tough ones) this holiday season, we pray that you will experience the JOY that comes from God!
A Very Merry Christmas and Joy to all! We love and appreciate each of you!

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MisterChris said...

Thanks, Amy, for the level-set. Missionary life isn't all fun and games, is it?

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

Riiiiiight! And if you believe that, I got some swampland...

Yes, I gotta say, I am incredibly proud of you and the work you are doing for Him there.

Personally I'm scared to death of the thought of leaving our country for missions. Selfish of me.

Sorry things are tough. But it's great to be able to stay in touch with you.