Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super Heroes

My friend Laurie sent Titus a super hero kit from her son Thomas. It was a book all about being a super hero and included a cape, 3 punch out masks, 6 punch out armbands and stickers. Titus decided he wanted to share with his friends at GSF. So he eagerly ran to get his friends while I pulled out some of Mark's t-shirts for capes. Here is a picture of the Super Titus, Captain Geoffrey, Amazing Brian and Wonder Will!

They took off to save the day!

Checking on Uncle Bob to make sure he didn't need to be saved.

The Super Hero Craze has now taken off here and everyday now, I am passing out Mark's T-shirts and making masks and the kids are loving it!


christopher said...

Hi that's good and God will bless you.

val said...

Too funny! I love the age when they love to use their imagination!

Sweet Cakes Candles said...

Suddenly I feel like the world is a safer place. We're in good hands, no?