Thursday, October 16, 2008

hanging out at the veranda

Sometimes when the veranda of our house seems to be the happening place (which seems to be almost daily), one of us will get out the camera and take a few pictures. Here is sampling of those pictures:

Mark giving out bananas

The kids love sugar cane

Mark and some friends

Chloe reading a book. They love to borrow books and puzzles but they must use them on our veranda. They will get lost otherwise.

Lily, the star of one of our previous entries (The queen and baby Airy) and most likely will star in other entries to come.

What a great smile, Henry!


hana said...

the smiles in the photos are brilliant. i especially like the smile on the boy who is in a picture with mark and another fella...they're leaning against mark. and definitely the last one, henry's smile, is beautiful. great pictures.

Amrita said...

Hi Mark and Amy, its great to seehow involved you are with the people around you.I really like your blog