Sunday, February 17, 2008


There is something glorious about doing what you feel called to do but it is a whole different thing to prepare for those activities. As we watch an athelete run across the finish line or receive a high score on a jump, we focus on that glorious moment. Yet, how often do we look at the many hours of mundane training that goes into those glorious moments? Sure there are moments of praise and joy while training but there are also times of pure agony and lots of work. Here are some examples of joy and agony in our preparation stage of moving to Uganda. We are thrilled with both because, although the joyful times are fun and easy, it is in the times of agony that we learn to truly trust in our heavenly Father!
Some of our joys of preparing for our journey:
The kids getting their passports.
Getting to speak in Sunday School classes, churches and school chapels.
Seeing others get excited about serving the Lord in numerous ways.
The incredible people God has put in our paths to help us as we prepare.
Getting pledges of support.

Some of the agonies of preparing:
The yellow fever and typhoid vaccinations ...and the ordeal that went with getting them!
Time spent in the mundane task of sorting everything into piles to keep, give away or take.
Getting rid of things we like.
Selling our house.

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