Monday, January 13, 2014

70 Kilos of meat - power = eternal life

For Christmas every year the men on the farm slaughter a cow.  They usually do it early so all 92 staff members can take some home.  The rest is left in a freezer for Christmas eve and Christmas day dinners.  Our staff party was on the 20th so the cow was slaughtered that day.  The remaining 70 Kg (150lbs) was put in the freezer at the central kitchen. This would all be fine but our power had been out for most of December.  Check out this blog post to see the details.   As our power, thus the freezer, is only on 8 hours in a 24 hour period, the meat never completely froze.

So, on Sunday morning (a couple of days after the staff party), one of the house moms came to me in a frenzy to tell me that the meat was going bad.  It wasn't bad yet but it was on its way.  Which meant we had to go to village life mode or what we would call colonial life mode.  Roasting and salting the meat every day until Christmas.  The moms all had to go down to the kitchen and work together to save 150 lbs of beef!  This meant none of the moms would be able to help with junior church.  So  I grabbed "What God wants for Christmas" box and walked up to the house where all the kids were gathering.  One of the older girls was there to help with crowd control.  I began the story but before I got to box #1, all the boxes had been opened and overturned by one of the boys.  I had to pray, clean up and begin again.
So we went through the Christmas story and God's plan and desire for us to give our life to Him.  We discussed and I invited any and all to pray if they wanted to give their lives to Him.  Many acted willing and excited to do so until I told them the alternative was to go to the playground.  All choose the alternative and ran down to the playground except these two little guys:

Festo, age 7 and Matthew age 8 live in the same house and were both obviously ready to ask forgiveness of sin.  They both readily told me that they had sinned and gave an example.  Now, Matthew has cerebral palsy and has a difficult time communicating but it was obvious he was confessing and wanting to repent of his sin.

Praise God with us for these two guys! Pray that we would disciple them well.  Pray that they will be young men who will change their world for Christ.  We are grateful that because of a bunch of rotting meat, God brought about a life changing day for these guys!

Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. John 6:27


Ruthie H. said...

Amy, thank you for sharing this powerful testimony. How amazing to see God work through what has been a hard situation. Thank you, too, for your sensitivity to present the Gospel and give an "invitation." May God continue to bless and strengthen you, Amy and all of the Gwartneys! :)

Sojol P said...

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