Thursday, November 7, 2013

I stand amazed!

Dealing with the medical system here in Uganda can at times be very frustrating and a nightmare, but fortunately, we are also so often reminded of our God who is in control.  I have experienced much the last few weeks as we had 3 children at GSF who had surgeries in 2 weeks.  The most extensive surgery was Kathy's colostomy.

Our nurses spent time talking to the surgeon and getting information about where to take her, when to take her and what to expect.  I called the financial assistant at the hospital to ask questions about the cost and to arrange payment.  We arranged transportation and picked an awesome caregiver Christine, our special needs helper, to be with her during her 7 days hospital stay.  We confirmed that food would be provided for the two.  So on the appointed day, they went, the nurse, Christine and Kathy.  They spent all day there waiting for the surgeon to come so he could do the proper paper work to admit them.  At 4:50 pm they called to tell me that the hospital would not admit her because we didn't send enough money.  So I frantically called my financial assistant friend who would be getting off at 5, and she sweetly went to find our trio to help them be admitted for the night and our nurse to return home.

The next day as we were awaiting news of the surgery, our nurse told me that she was told that the pair wouldn't be getting food at the hospital.  She had given Christine some money to help for a couple of meals.  So I agreed to call my financial assistant friend to make sure their meals were provided.  The day continued and news came in periodically about Kathy and her surgery.  She did well and rested through the afternoon.  I kept informing everyone who was praying.  There were also various issues at the land so I kept very busy.  At 5:10 pm, I got a message from our child care manager, "Christine doesn't have money or food for supper."  I totally forgot!  I had made a commitment to ensure our sweet caregiver for Kathy would have meals and I blew it!  Messed up.  I knew the financial office was closed for the day, but I tried the phone anyway.  Yep, no luck, no answer.  I started to pray and asked others to pray.  I couldn't have Christine go without food because of my mistake.

I have two friends who live and have connections in Kampala.  I asked if they could get money to Christine or knew anyone who could.  Both were trying to help.  One of my friends, Julie realized the hospital was close to where one of her friends lived.  She said she would call and see if her friend could walk over to the hospital and give Auntie Christine the money.  A few minutes later, Julie called me back to tell me the incredible news.  Her friend was walking NEXT TO the hospital when Julie called her and would go in and give the money to Christine!  Incredible.  This is not a large hospital that spans a block or two but a tall very skinny building, so that she was walking right by it is amazing.  God is good.

I found out later that this sweet lady went in with another friend and prayed with Christine and Kathy.  They not only gave her money for food but encouraged her soul.  I was able to call the next day and arranged for Christine and Kathy to receive food from the hospital.  I stand amazed again at a God who knows.  He is a God who provides in spite of our faults, shortcomings and sins.

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Ruthie H. said...

Wow, Amy, thanks for sharing that testimony! It's encouraging to know our God graciously and sovereignly works, in spite of deficient medical systems and our mistakes, too. I hope Kathy is recovering well.:)