Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Church is Born - Part 2

So where do the eucalyptus and papyrus come in?  We’re getting there!  A church had just been born in November 2012.  It was named Light of the World Church.
At that time, GSF reorganized its Sunday schedule.  Sunday school classes continued to meet and Junior church continued for the younger children.  Those old enough to walk to the new church in the village began doing so.  We were partnering with and taking part in a local church – just like the history of GSF and according to the advice received and under the prayerful direction of God.
Filled beyond capacity
The new church rented an unfinished schoolroom that was at least twice the size of the Bible study location.  Yet it was immediately filled beyond capacity.  Sunday services were accompanied by two midweek services.  Marriage seminars resulted in the reconciling of husbands and wives according to the Word of God.  Families were attending church together, whereas we previously saw children without their parents, women without their husbands, or elderly without anyone to support them.
The church’s reputation for being a solid Bible-teaching church was growing.  At a district gathering of more than 300 local churches, Pastor Sam was nominated to oversee the doctrine of the churches.  It was well-known that Light of the World Church stood firm in Bible doctrine.  Yet it was not even 6 months old!
Over 100 people were now in attendance each week.  In fact, when the children were dismissed to meet for junior church outside and those standing outside came in, the church was still full.  Discussions about purchasing land ensued and a larger structure was needed, but we were only renting a room.  Having little money, we continued to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ in prayer.

People gathered for church - June 23, 2013
Then on June 23, something amazing happened!  The church had tried to pay for two more months of rent, but it had been refused.  With only two weeks remaining on our current rent, the elders pondered what to do.  Lacking funds to purchase land, the need was going to be presented to the church for prayer.  Some people arrived at the church building early to organize things.  Upon arrival, they found workmen plastering the walls and all of our benches thrown outside.  Without notice, Light of the World Church had been evicted!
The church met outside on the compound that day.  Singing and praising under the hot sun, Pastor Sam preached more powerfully than ever before.  We had to trust and believe.  Unable to announce where we would gather the following Sunday, the church joined hands in a large circle and prayed.
Nowhere to go... A circle of Prayer
June 23, 2013 - Evicted.  Nowhere to go.  Little money.  A circle of prayer….
(To be Continued)
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