Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lina's 15th!

Caralina's birthday always seems to end the holiday festivities in our household as it is on the 2nd of January.  This year was no different.  In the evening of New Year's Day, our family took her out for pizza at Surjios and met some friends there.   The next evening we had the teen girls at GSF over for dinner.  We tried taking some pictures; most were quite goofy but it still shows what beautiful teen girls we have!  We ended the night as we do many times by looking at old pictures of all of them.  Thankful for my teen girl and her friends!

Megan, Teddy, Joy and Ritah in the back row and Jenny, Caralina and Rebecca in front
So now the holiday partying is over and back to the "real world."  And as always after a great holiday time, routine is grand change of pace. 


drama mama said...

Amy, I look forward to your blogs! I am so proud of your family and for what you are doing there! Your children will never forget these days. Love you all and miss you a bunch! When is your next furlough?

Sara Campbell said...

Amy, Ross and I were just saying how could Caralina possibly be 15?! We'll never forget the darling little baby we babysat, long before we had a clue what we were doing :) She is beautiful inside and out. I always remember her birthday, it's also my dad's. Love, Sara

Amy said...

Judy, it is so good to hear from you! We all love and miss you, too! We are beginning to make plans for furlough in September--I'm getting excited!

Sara, I didn't realize (or forgot) that Caralina and your dad share the same birthday--it definitely is a good day! I'll be sure to read this comment to her--thank you!